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  • Brand: GUESS - JEANS

White Dress Guipur Guess- Dress Krin Guess- Summer 2020

White Dress Guipur Guess- Dress Krin Guess- Summer 2020 Short White Dress for this Summer 2020 in Guess fabric Guipur, shoulders on the air with Mexican neckline and short bottom with flywheel at the bottom. The white-skined make them like angels and dark-skinned wings are enhanced by the brown ones. So it is a success for all

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Guess coral dress with ruffle and Mexican neckline- Goioa Guess sweater dress

Guess coral dress with ruffle and Mexican neckline- Goioa Guess sweater dress Guess brand dress in coral color, with a large ruffle at the Mexican neckline that enhances the shoulders. Tight and elastic, but with super thick fabric so that those that have a complex with any "molla" do not have it. It is perfect! Are you taking it home?

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BLACK SLIM FIT SHORT DRESS - GUESS WOMEN Dresses for women by Guess Collection in black color. With details on neckline. You will see spectacular. Little line with Transparencies in neckboat and in the waist 

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Guess dresses

Guess girls dresses have become essential lake thanks to its insight to treat the feminine figure and be able to adjust all the cotton dresses to the female silhouette gracefully. They are perfect for both a dinner or cocktail if you have ocn heeled shoes or boots or if you prefer sports for something more informal.

Their tight dresses, the truth is that they feel great. Its thick fabrics, whether ribbed or half neoprene, draw the body but do not let you look like a blood sausage. And that is a detail to take into account in order to be "The Queen of the Street" as the Orisha song sings.

Guess white dress like Guess black dress have either for their fabrics of organic materials, recycled (mostly) a characteristic that makes them very attractive. And he shows that not everything resides in ephemeral beauty. Intelligence is also a plus in the world of fashion..

Guess black dress

These dresses have been worn by public figures such as Claudia Schiffer, Laetitia Casta, Drew Barrymore since they began their journey there in the 70-80s until today. Jennifer Lopez also known as J Lo has also starred in her campaigns

It is undeniable to take away the grace that Guess has been able to give to dresses. It does not matter if it is a Guess red dress or a navy blue Guess dress if we are going to be guided by color as if we are guided by shape.

Unas1 brings them to your home with a discount that will make it seem more attractive if possible. You have the option of trying it on calmly in the heat of your home, in front of your closet and you are sure to fall at their feet. Because we know that this brand has something that will leave you hypnotic

WOMEN DRESSES and SKIRTS- short, longuette, tartan- REPLAY, GUESS with Discounts- REPLAY, GUESS, DRESSES, SKIRTS, Online