Good morning friends of UNAS1!

Today we would like to emphasize the issue of size meters, so that each one of us can find out her true bra size, both in bikini top and underwear bra lingerie.

Something that we usually believe is that bras, both those in bikinis and lingerie are size B and it is not like that. Our breasts are changing throughout our lives and with them the sizes of bra have to adapt to offer comfort and firmness.

To know our bra size, we now have two measurements: the bust below the chest on one side and the contour above the nipples on the other. Giving us the combination of contour and cup suitable for us, ex .: 100E, 95C ...

The cup is really what determines the actual volume of the breast, offering many options, as many as types of breasts exist. The cups go from the A (which is the smallest) to the H (the largest) and the contours from 80 to 120cm ...

It was thanks to Ida Rosenthal, a dressmaker in the 1930s, who classified the sizes according to the size of the bust and created different models of support according to the age of the women. He affirmed that women who were 35 years old could not do without brassieres, and that time would prove right.

From UNAS1 we bet that you find your true size, that is why we insist our clients to access the size meter, and if they still do not know with certainty which one is yours, get in touch with us to find out and solve your doubts before making the order, or later, when they have it at home they check that they have not gotten their size.

How to know if the size we use is correct? Put on your bra and check that none of the following steps happen to you.

- If the breasts protrude from the cups.

- If the straps leave marks on your skin.

- If the straps fall even when the regulator is at maximum.

- If you see your sagging breasts.

- If your bra goes up your back.

If any of them is fulfilled, friend, you have the wrong size!

How should we test the bra to know it fits? Something that seems so simple to many of us is hard to guess right. Courage, do the test and give your breasts the comfort and fixation they deserve, find your size.

- Fasten your bra and check that it does not go up your back, that the contour band is horizontal. 

- The brackets must be in their widest position.

 - Lean forward so that the chest sits naturally in the cups. 

- Pick up the chest from the sides and then separate them in the center. 

- That the contour of the bra does not separate from your bust when moving. 

- When raising the arms, do not climb the rim or the contour of under the breasts. 

- Make sure that two fingers fit between the shoulder strap and the shoulder.

The size that fits after following these steps, we firmness, comfort and good fixation is our size. 

We leave you the meter that we use in UNAS1 so you can do your tests and never use the wrong size again. You can access it by entering each of our products and clicking on the button FIND OUT YOUR SIZE


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